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Change Management

A change request that modifies partially or totally the station hardware or software, changing its design characteristics or capabilities, triggers a change management process.

Change management ensures that the change is implemented according to the agreed solution and all related documentation is updated.

ED has adopted and is following a Station modification process to manage changes affecting the design of the station. Work is underway to integrate the Station Modification Process (directing technical work associated with changes) and the Configuration Management Process (directing administration of configuration control) into a Change Management Process.

Requirements management

An integral part of change management is management of requirements. Starting from the high-level requirements included in the IMS Operational Manuals and other policy making documents, it is essential that all system or equipment requirements are identified and validated as the system design is formulated and implemented. Firstly, functional requirements for IMS stations are derived from the high-level requirements, followed by technical specifications for sub-systems and equipment derived from these. Technical specifications are used in station design, design work for station upgrade and improvement, and for uniformly defining technical requirements for procurement of systems, equipment and services. At the base of all this work are the IMS station functional models (waveform and radionuclide). Design concepts include: open system architecture, modular system design, standardization of interfaces

Engineering support to obsolescence management

ED is implementing an equipment validation process to ensure timely and professional validation of new equipment for use in IMS. This, together with the technology awareness activities, ensures that replacement equipment and systems are in place before the old ones reach the end of their operational life.

Manuals and guidelines

As part of the engineering support to the station operators, technical manuals related to key design features have been produced. The Grounding and Lightning Protection Standards is one example of the work carried out in this respect. Work is being carried out to develop an IMS Intra-site Telecommunication Systems Manual and an IMS Power Supply Systems Manual.


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